Person using their credit card and tablet to make a purchase.

Business ATM/Debit Cards

Gain more control over your bill payments –  and eliminate the need to carry cash or physical checks to make purchases directly from your Business Checking Account.

With a Business Debit Card from The Bank of Princeton, you can pay for your every day business expenses such as: lunches, travel, and supplies. Automatic payments can also be set up for expenses such as utility bills and paying vendors.

Simply call your Customer Service Representative to make an appointment to register for your new Business Debit Card. 

The Allpoint Network of ATM's:

The Bank of Princeton is part of the Allpoint Network, which gives you access to 55,000 free ATM’s nationally.

ATM and Point of Sale Transactions:

ATM and Point of Sale Purchases are withdrawn directly from your checking account, and you can track transactions and balances easily online or on your mobile phone.

VISA ® Account Updater (VAU):

If your debit card is enrolled in a recurring payment schedule, VISA® will automatically update your card number and expiration date with participating merchants in the event that your card expires or is replaced.

If you wish to opt-out of the VAU program, you may do so at any time by completing VISA® Account Updater Service Opt-out Form .

*Cardholders are responsible for manually updating debit card information with non-participating merchants.

Report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card:

To report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit card, please call 1.800.554.8969 immediately after discovering that the card is missing. You may then contact the bank during normal business hours to request a new card.