Open safe deposit box with key in it.

Safe Deposit Boxes


Safe Deposit Box Fees

Box Size Annual Rental Fee
2x5 $30 per year
3x5 $40 per year
3x10 $65 per year
5x5 $75 per year
5x10 $100 per year
10x10 $150 per year
10x15 $250 per year
Automatic Payment requires an active checking account.
Late Fee $10.00 if payment is not made within 10 days of the payment date.
Key Deposit not required.

Replacement Key Fee $15.00 plus actual cost of replacement key.
Drilling Fee $15.00 plus actual cost of drilling.
Sales Tax applicable in New Jersey branches only.
Safe Deposit Box size and availability may vary by location. Contact your local branch for details.

Rates effective as of 08/01/2020


The contents of your safe deposit box are not FDIC insured. 
You should keep a complete list and description of all your property stored in your safe deposit box and any available proof of ownership.