Person using their phone and credit card to make a purchase.


What is the CardValet®?

If you have a personal debit card, and would be interested in additional card protection and peace of mind, The Bank of Princeton has launched a new CardValet® app.

CardValet® provides you with an extra layer of security and control for your debit card by allowing you to set spending parameters for transactions or even turn off your card if it's misplaced.

Simply download CardValet® by going to the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on your type of device. After downloading CardValet®, register your Bank of Princeton debit card by setting up a User ID and Password.

CardValet® Features

CardValet® has a variety of features including:
  • Turning off the card if it is misplaced
  • Setting debit card transaction alerts based on the controls selected by you
  • Setting transaction control for locations , which only allows transactions with a card present, within the location you have set. (This does not apply to web transactions.)
  • Setting controls for the types of merchants you want or do not want approved. For example, you could choose to turn off gas stations
  • Setting controls over which types of transactions should be approved. For example, you can turn off the ATM or eCommerce transactions
  • Setting spending limit controls which allows you to set a per transaction limit and deny any transactions exceeding that amount
  • Viewing recent debit card transactions
  • Viewing balances in the accounts attached to your card
Download CardValet® today to get convenient banking at your fingertips and enjoy peace of mind!

Downloading the App

  • On your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), search for CardValet® in the The Apple Store or the Google Play for Android
  • Download (CardValet®)
  • Register your Bank of Princeton debit card

Important Note: Use your mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) to launch the CardValet® app. CardValet® will not work on a desktop or laptop computer.